Donald Trump - Make America Great Again

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Are you an American?

If yes, then why wouldn’t you want to vote for Donald Trump? His anthem is to “Make America Great Again”. Specifically, his agenda is to make America great, respected, and wealthy again by focusing on America first.

Donald Trump has a firm agenda on foreign policy that puts America first - something that the Obama-Clinton era has decimated.

The world doesn’t respect America anymore, and they’re running all over us, taking advantage of us, and effectively robbing us, as seen in trade. For example, China is intentionally devaluing their currency to strangle American imports (meaning less business for our American businesses, meaning less jobs for you and I). Moreover, we are losing to Japan and Mexico, and Trump wants to redo the deals with them so we can win again.

Current politicians are more interested in defending the border’s of other countries than they are of our own borders. Donald Trump wants to change this.

Donald Trump wants to implement a coherent foreign policy based upon American interests first, and then the shared interests of our allies. He wants to stop trying to solve the problems of others countries before solving our own here at home. Donald Trump wants to “take our country back” - it’s a resounding theme in all of his speeches.

Washington is totally broken from years of broken promises. There’s gridlock and no action. Donald Trump states: “I’m not a politician” - “Politicans are all talk, no action”. On the other hand, Donald Trump is a savvy businessman with a proven track record of building a $10 billion company (The Trump Organization) and negotiation fantastic deals. He graduated from one of the top business schools in the world (Wharton at U Penn) when he was 20. He’s not a dummy. At the end of the day, a country is a business. And right now, it’s being run by politicians who are influenced by special interests and who knows what else. We need a president who can make good deals and bring economic might back to our country… Because ultimately that trickles down to us.

We are at a $19 trillion deficit as a country, and we need a savvy businessman to bring us back. Donald Trump is a leader and an excellent negotiator. He doesn’t give in to bad deals, and he’s not afraid to walk away from the table.

He wants to rebuild our country’s infrastructure. Anybody that has any knowledge or experience in countries outside of the U.S. knows how pitiful our infrastructure is - airports, public transportation, Internet. The sad reality is we are rebuilding China, while our infrastructure is abysmal.

Tightening the borders, at least temporarily to take a pause to re-asses our situation is a good thing. It has gotten way out of control. The middle class is getting killed by open borders. Open borders means skilled labor is going to illegal immigrants who are willing to accept an ultra low living standard, effectively eliminating the potential for legal Americans to get work, or to even compete for work at livable wages. Moreover, when jobs, and therefore, money, is going to a non-tax paying illegal immigrant, then the overall economy is impacted. Because less tax revenue means less financial strength to build the country. Moreover, how can we be okay with illegal immigrants living in these kinds of inhumane conditions? Living 10 to a room, earning pennies on the dollar, and then remitting their wages outside of the country to their families.

We’re getting raped, as a country - sorry to be so crude.

Trump is also strong on eliminating terrorism and radical Islamism. He explains that we are importing extremism through senseless immigration policies, therefore we need to pause for re-assessment. At the same time, he knows the importance of legal work visas to retain brain power in our country rather than shipping foreign students back to their own countries after studying here at our top schools.

Trump says Iraq can’t have nuclear weapons, and we must protect Israel. America’s military has significantly lost power and capability since 1991 and Trump wants to rebuild our military, to be the deterrent to the evil plots of other countries, while also being the single greatest investment America can make in itself. Simultaneously, he will also look for savings and then spend the money wisely.

I’m glad Trump is going to build a wall at our borders, and I like that he adds “Mexico is going to pay for the wall”.

The way Trump puts it resonates deeply with me: “We have so much potential and we’re not using our potential.”

So looking past the rough edges of Donald Trump, I’m just wondering what people don’t like about his politics. As Donald states: We have to speak the truth - This country is so politically correct, and it’s falling apart.

Donald Trump is an authentic leader with a proven track record of creating, managing, negotiating, and growing lucrative businesses across state lines and across borders. Our country is ultimately one big business, and we need a president that knows how to run a profitable business. Donald Trump may be outspoken, but more than that, he is not afraid to be politically incorrect in order to talk about the issues. We need a leader who is not afraid to talk about the facts and to talk about reality because that’s the only way we’re going to be able to deal with them to make America Great again. We need to have tighter regulations on immigration to save the American economy, especially us (me), the middle-class, and to put a strangle on terrorism. We need to stop the bullying from foreign countries and re-negotiate trade deals with China, Japan, and Mexico, so we can stop losing all the time, and start winning again. We need to make America great, respected, and wealthy again by focusing on America first.

I’m an American… and I sure would like to feel proud to be an American again.

Make America Great Again.


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