Resolving Git LFS Error: unknown command “install” for “git-lfs”

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$ git lfs install
Error: unknown command "install" for "git-lfs"
Run 'git-lfs --help' for usage.

I encountered this git-lfs error when attempting to initialize the Git Large File Storage (LFS) for the very first time with git-lfs/1.0.2 on Mac OS X El Capitan version 10.11.4.

Encountering the problem on the commandline.
Git LFS Error on the Commandline


$ git lfs init
Git LFS initialized.

$ echo $?

I found an existing Issue #888 on github/git-lfs:

The command name changed in Git LFS v1.1.0 (though git lfs init will continue to work for awhile). You can substitute git lfs init for git lfs install, and git lfs uninit for git lfs uninstall.


which indicates my version of git-lfs (v1.0.2) is using an older API, which has been since modified in git-lfs/1.1.0.

Therefore, the solution for git-lfs/1.0.2 is to use git lfs init, rather than git lfs install.


Item Description
Operating System OS X El Capitan version 10.11.4
Git git version 2.6.4 (Apple Git-63)
Git-LFS git-lfs/1.0.2 (Github; darwin amd64; go 1.5.1; git 0566698)

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