JIRA - Automatically Assign a New Issue to the Current User

less than 1 minute read

I’ve been working on streamlining our Atlassian JIRA project management workflow.

Today, I made use of the JIRA Post Functions workflow feature to automatically Assign a New Issue to the Reporter after Issue Creation.

Specifically, I added a post function on the “initial” transition to perform this task for me automatically.

Navigate to 'JIRA Administration > Issues' from the main toolbar menu. Select 'Workflows' from the menu on the left. Click 'View' for the Workflow you want to add automatic issue assignment. Select the 'Diagram' view for convenience to work visually. Click the 'Edit' button in order to make changes. Click the 'Create' transition line to bring up a dialog where you can click the 'Post Functions' link. Select the 'Assign to Current User' option and then click the 'Add' button. Verify the new post function has been added to the list and then click 'Publish Draft'.
Screenshots walking through the process of setting up a JIRA Post Function to automatically assign a new Issue to the Reporter.