Optoma EH416 - Multimedia Projector

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Projector Price Released Brightness (lumens) Resolution (output/input) Contrast Ratio Technology Lamp Life (full/eco hrs) Aspect Ratio Throw Dist Image Size Zoom Lens MHL Lamp
Optoma EH416 $863.02 Apr 2016 4200 1920x1080 / 1920x1080 20,000:1 0.7” DLP (1) 3,000 - 7,000 16:9 4.3’ - 30.8’ 26.4” - 303.1” 1.60:1 Yes BL-FU260C ($232.54)

The Optoma EH416 multimedia projector is a good balance of cost and capability.

This DLP projector was released in April 2016 and is capable of projecting the most common size of modern input sources, especially videos up to 1080p/24 (1920x1080) video resolutions using a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio.

At 4,200 lumens of brightness with a contrast ratio of 20,000:1, this projector is ideal for medium-sized cozy venues for up to 800 people with a moderate amount of ambient light from light fixtures or windows projecting onto a 180 inch to 270 inch projector screen.

The BL-FU260C light bulbs have a lamp life of 3,000 to 7,000 hours (eco-mode to full power), which is good for an average of over 4,500 presentations at 1 hour each. If you’re a church with two weekly services, this equates to 43 years of usage (4,500 average lamp life / (2 hours of weekly services) / (52 weeks of services per year)).

Optoma EH416

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Amazon Review by Lenny Robison:

Our church was looking to upgrade our entire video system including going to full 1080 HD. We needed a new projector for the sanctuary which holds around 850 people all on one level. The search was on for a brighter projector capable of giving us full HD capabilities as well as being able to bring in standard def video as well from a computer that is used from time to time. This had all the features we were wanting and a 3-year warranty that was one of the better coverages out there. We also purchased a new HD screen (16’ x 9’) to replace the current screen we had which was for standard def. We swapped out the old one for the Optoma and nothing but great results! The video signal comes from a Tricaster 850 on 4.5 GHz cable and then we used an SDI to HDMI powered converter at the unit and have a 3’ HDMI cable from the converter into the Optoma. The unit hangs from our ceiling about 32’ from the screen. Adjusting the image to the screen was very easy and we have nothing but compliments from everyone.

See Projection Calculator Pro for Optoma EH500:

# Use Position Throw Max Room Lighting Aspect Ratio Mount Screen Gain Image Size Throw Distance Vertical Position to Screen Bottom
1 Presentations 17’ 11” to 82’ 9” 23’ 11” 27% (10 fc) 16:9 Floor 1.0 165”x93”x190” 23’ 11” 14”
2 Text 17’ 11” to 62’ 1” 23’ 11” 27% (10 fc) 16:9 Floor 1.0 165”x93”x190” 23’ 11” 14”
3 Video 19’ 4” to 30’ 4” 23’ 10” 6% (2 fc) 16:9 Floor 1.0 165”x93”x190” 23’ 11” 14”